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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anaïs Anaïs, the goddess, the nymph, the fairy, the girlish woman.

The theme about duality and contrasts brings me to discuss another interesting fragrance that is about the same idea but a very different type of fragrance.

Anais Anais is probably the best known floral, created by Firmenich some 30 years ago. It still remains a very beautiful floral. This ethereal fragrance is quite a different thing from the bleached white and watery ozonic florals you see being launched into the market nowadays.

Anais Anais looks simple and approachable on the surface, and it likes to seem that way.
A refreshing burst of citrus and greens that consist of galbanum, lemon, jasmine, tart crips notes of gardenia, fruits and bergamot reminds one of the singing top notes of Chamade.

But unlike Chamade, which leads slowly down into a sweet vanillic balsamic base, Anais Anais develops slowly into a floral, fruit and musk accord.

As it develops from the top notes, the simplicity of the top note gives way to a simple yet strange personality. One that is nice and one that naughty, very much like the Shalimar that I talked about earlier. The duality comes in the effect of the floral accord and how it is carefully balanced between the innocence and sensuality. The immediate impression is that of the freshness of the white florals, ie. the happy citrusy jasmine notes, the pureness of the virginal white rose notes, the green lily notes that links it all together as the dominant note, making one feeling it's a peaceful, idyllic and innocent fragrance.

This reminds me of the scent of trumpet lilies, which carefully balances a fresh, tart green note, with a phenolic, indolic heart. The effect is strange, fresh and yet exotic and sensual. Its booth daylight and nighttime.

On second impression, the fragrance, with the innocent veil lifted, starts to hint of something quite different. The fruity exotic richness of the peaches, jammy sweet honey together with a slightly oily, mildly indolic note of HCA and indole.

All this nicely wrapped up with a touch of musk, that smells human, warmth and like the smell of clean girlish skin.

The overall effect is one that is like lying in the lap of a girl with a nice white blouse, sitting in field of grass and wild flowers freely blooming in a spring day, and under that, the alluring smell of skin at once musky, smelling of peaches, honey, slightly oily and buttery…delicious.

The floracy starts to develop from there, the grean notes develop iConsidered a symbol of purity by the ancient Greeks, Madonna lilies enrich the heart of this romantic perfume. Amazingly it takes one ton of petals to produces just one pound of lily oil… making Anaïs Anaïs precious indeed! Inspired by the Persian goddess of fertility and death, Anaïs Anaïs celebrates the innocent yet sensual duality

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